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The Volts Show

I just found your band and i work for this UK radio show for unsigned music called 40,000 Volts....and i was wondering if you guys would be interested in getting some radio airplay? If you guys send a demo of your stuff to us, we'll play it on the show! Don't know whether you'd be interested in it.....but if you are...send your demos [could you send two if possible, one for us and one to pass on to our review site,] to...

The Volts Show, 3 Maes Gwyn, Aberdulais, Neath, W.Glam, S.Wales, SA10 8LD.

If you could also send a copy of the form on the Contact page of, it's a Permission To Play form, just to make sure you guys are ok with the show playing your stuff. (By the way, ignore the address on the form, that's the old Volts Show HQ, just send it along with the demo)

Sign up to our mailing list at, and if possible could you give us a link on your own website in return for airplay and a link on ours, would be much appreciated! Thanks!

If you'd like an interview or a session, just email and they'll sort it out for you. But to let you know, you guys MUST be in our playlist for us to set you up with a session/interview, so be sure to send a demo down to us first!

Alternatively, you can leave a note at the top of the PTP form letting us know if you'd like a session/interview!

Hope you guys are interested!!

Shell xx

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