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Torbay's only experimentalpaganintellipunk band!

Actually, the world's only experimentalpaganintellipunk band!

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The Celandines are a genre-trashing band based in the Torbay area. Lacking as we are in the requisites of chart success, we therefore compensate in enthusiasm, innovation and creativity! We luuuuuuuuuurve noisy tunes and dine heartily on the infinite possibilities of the beginner's mind. If this makes sense, hail and welcome!


L-R: Yurimasae (vocals, guitar, casio, fags);
Totnesmartin(sampler, synthesiser, vocals, casio, tea);
Rebelfilms (vocals, guitar, camcorder, vodka);

All three of us write songs, and share vocal attempts.

Brief history:

February: T remixes the Singing Nun album he bought from The Exchange in Totnes for a pound.

March: He tapes it for Y, who, listening to it while doing yoga, texts T proposing a musical collaboration. T and Y visit Cockington, and, walking back through the water meadow, randomly turn the local birds and flowers into band names. The Crows, The Kingcups, The Irises and The Wrens (or even the Stimpies) don't cut the mustard. The Celandines do. R mentions that she has a guitar that we could use. Instead, T & Y invite her to join the band.

April: Y visits T and they record Leonardo, Wickedary, Resistance is Useless and Wobbly Head Song. LJ community starts.
T visits R and they record For Stepping, Federal Agent, You're in Flames, Cider, Your World, Today I ate an Endangered Species, Total Eclipse etc.

May: T and Y meet again: Disorganised Scum, Xerox, Disco Dancing Champion of the World (I really must do shorter titles!) are recorded.T revamps crap lyrics for Resistance is Useless, among others. Finally all three record together! Wickedary, For Stepping, Rumours of the Flood, a Marilyn Manson song and so on.

Summer: Aaargh the wheels come off as personal shite overwhelms us. Unbowed (much) we press on. T & R meet up precisely once to do some new songs, including the legendary It Doesn't Matter. We now have more songs than will fit onto a CD.

Autumn: It's starting to pick up again (after filmmaking interruptions). Welcome, Ricky! Hey, he can actually play the guitar! New songs: My Twisted Emotions, Confusion, There's no Going Back, Sleeping Giants, Two Wrongs.

2006: No Ricky, and not much Celandining either. Oh well. Yurimasae wants to take guitar lessons. Sellout! And wedding bells are being tuned up as she is due to marry Richard from Seize the Day! Yayyyy!!!